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Equity Acts Internationally

In a recent settlement of litigation, Diaspora Legal obtained a declaration of the Supreme Court of South Australia that a document, executed in Indonesia, and which had been used in circumstances objected to by our client, was void ab initio. The court also granted injunctions for delivery up of the document and any copies and injunctions restraining our client's opponent from relying upon the document in the future, including in any proceedings. The orders and declarations are a reminder of the scope of equity in addressing international legal disputes - even where the foreign jurisdiction is a civil code jurisdiction.

TNY Joins the Diaspora

Diaspora Legal is pleased to announce the beginning of a relationship with the Thailand office of TNY Legal Co. TNY Legal has combined resources of Japanese and Thai lawyers with general commercial experience and experience in dealings into Myanmar.

New Surabaya Office Opens

Diaspora Legal has taken a tenancy in Intiland Tower, to mark its commitment to commerce and investment in Surabaya.